The Ultimate 7-Day Guide to a Budget-Friendly Trip to Germany


For many people, Germany is the birthplace of beer and sausages, Oktoberfest and lederhosen. While these stereotypes are all true, there’s much more to central Europe than just its fairytale castles and fairy-tale forests. A trip to Germany will introduce you to delicious food and drink along with exciting cities full of history—all at an affordable price!

Where to Go


This is a great place to start your trip, as it’s the gateway to Bavaria and all its beauty. Munich is also home to some of Germany’s best beer halls and restaurants, so if you’re looking for some good grub before heading out into the rest of the country, this is your spot!

Cologne: Cologne (Köln) is known for its cathedral (one of Europe’s largest), but there’s much more than just that here. The city itself has plenty of history behind it too–and if you visit during Carnival season (February), you’ll see why they call themselves “Kölnisch Wasser” (“Colognian Water”).

Frankfurt: If shopping is high on your list of things-to-do while visiting Germany then Frankfurt may be right up your alley! With department stores galore along with an outdoor market full of local foods every Friday night from May through October; there really isn’t anything else like it anywhere else in Europe!

How to Get Around

The best way to get around Germany is by train. The country has an extensive rail network, with trains running from major cities to smaller towns and villages all over the place. If you’re on a budget and want to save money, use public transportation instead of renting a car. There are plenty of buses and taxis in Germany too–but they’ll cost more than trains!

  • When buying tickets for trains, buses and planes:
  • To get a discount on your ticket:
  • Using public transportation in Germany:

Where to Stay

It’s easy to find a good hotel in Germany, but it can be hard to find one that’s affordable and comfortable. Fortunately, there are some great options for travelers on a budget.

The first step is familiarizing yourself with the different types of accommodations:

  • Hostels are dormitory-style rooms where you share bathrooms and kitchens with other guests (a single room typically costs around $30 per person). They’re perfect for solo travelers who want to meet new people or families traveling together who want their own space. Hostels tend not to have air conditioning–which may be uncomfortable during summer months–and often don’t offer much privacy; however, they do provide amenities like Wi-Fi access and breakfast buffets at no extra cost.* Hotels offer private rooms with bathrooms and TVs in addition to wireless internet access; prices usually start around $60 per night depending on location.* Apartment rentals provide an alternative option if your group wants more space than what hotels or hostels offer but doesn’t need multiple bedrooms or kitchens (these usually cost around $100 per night). Some apartments come equipped with kitchenettes so that guests can cook meals themselves rather than eating out every night.* Bed & Breakfasts are similar in style as B&Bs but tend not have many amenities such as Wi-Fi access or cable TV channels – however these places do offer peace & quiet which makes them ideal for those looking for rest after long days sightseeing around town!

Day Trips from Munich

  • Munich to Salzburg
  • Munich to Bamberg
  • Munich to Regensburg
  • Munich to Nuremberg

German Festivals and Events

For many, Oktoberfest is the most famous festival in Germany. The event takes place annually in Munich and lasts 16 days from late September through early October. During this time, over 6 million people flock to the city to enjoy beer, food and music while watching horse races and parades on Theresienwiese (the festival grounds).

If you’re looking for something less crowded than Oktoberfest but still festive enough for an amazing experience, then Christmas Markets might be more your speed! There are hundreds of Christmas markets throughout Germany that open up around November 1st until December 24th or 25th depending on each location’s traditions. Most offer traditional foods like sausages or gingerbread cookies; however some may have unique dishes specific only to their region like stollen (a fruit bread), bratwurst (sausages) or mulled wine made with cinnamon sticks instead of cloves which gives it its distinct flavor called Gluehwein.”

What to Eat and Drink?

If you’re looking to save some cash while traveling, Germany is a great place to do it. Many of the food and drinks are less expensive than in other countries, especially if you go local.

Here’s what you should try:

  • German food is hearty and filling–and usually quite cheap! Some of my favorite things were sausages (weisswurst), schnitzel (breaded pork or chicken cutlet) with potato salad or fries on top; pretzels; and various kinds of breads like brötchen (small rolls) or pumpernickel (dark rye bread). If someone offers you “Landjäger” sausage–take it! It tastes like salami but better 🙂 (Warning: Landjäger contains lots of nitrates.)
  • Beer prices vary depending on where in Germany you are; they’re generally more expensive in cities than rural areas because breweries tend not to produce as much beer there due to lower demand. However, if you’re looking for good value for money when buying alcohol then consider trying German cider instead–it costs around half as much per liter at most bars compared with beer! Plus ciders come in all sorts of flavors so there’s bound be something everyone likes here 🙂

You can have a memorable time in Germany on a budget

Budget airlines: The low-cost airline industry is booming in Germany, with many routes offering flights for less than $100.

Cheap accommodation: There are several ways to find affordable lodgings while traveling through the country. Hostels and guesthouses are inexpensive options that offer shared rooms and dorms, but you can also look into renting an apartment or staying with friends or family members who live there. If you’re visiting during Oktoberfest (which takes place in Munich), consider booking your room early as prices will increase significantly closer to the event date!

Food: Eating out can be expensive in Germany; however, there are plenty of delicious options available at budget prices if you know where to look. Street food stands offer tasty snacks such as bratwurst sausages or pretzels which make great picnic foods if you’re going hiking or biking through one of Europe’s many national parks! You can also save money by taking advantage of restaurant deals offered by tourist offices such as free drinks after 6pm (for example). Finally–don’t forget about supermarkets like Aldi where produce costs half as much compared with other stores!


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